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Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can help you reconnect to your intuition.  People have difficulty quieting their minds for different reasons. Some people have fears or worries that they are having difficulty letting go. Others have just been solving problems with their mind for so long that they now doubt their intuitive connection. Tarot cards originated in Italy in the 1400s.  Some believe the cards were intended to just be a game, whereas others believed that they held deep meaning. Nobody knows for certain what this meaning is, but many believe they represent the hero's journey. Each card represents a different kind of energy.  Symbols and archetypes on the cards can reveal what a person is facing, and where they are likely heading if they don't choose differently.


Norse Rune Stones

The runes are 24 ancient symbols that were used for divination and protection purposes long before they became one of the earliest known alphabets. This alphabet is believed to have been used by many different Germanic peoples but their exact origin is unknown.  These symbols are usually associated the vikings since they were the last to convert to Christianity.  Each symbol has a concrete meaning (such as money, or health) and an esoteric meaning describing energy flow.  There are 3 aetts, or groupings of runes, each containing 8 runes. These aetts correspond to the personal journey, things outside our control, and energies related to cosmic 


Artistic Rune Wheel

This original method combines the magic of the runes with the magic of intuitive art.  Each piece captures the energy of a moment in the same way a photograph does. Everything from the type of line, shape, color, symbol, picture, relationship and number of elements, and even mistakes can reveal something about you.  Each one is unique! This picture is the starting point for my art rune readings and can be used as a meditation tool.

Intuitive Art

Intuitive art can reveal what is hiding in the subconscious.  Clues can be found in the patterns, color, and placement of symbols on the page.  The process of connecting these clues can connect things in your subconscious. 

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