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Rune for Corona

Dagaz means day or dawn.. it represents hope, the point of awakening, enlightenment. Think of holding two opposite truths at the same time, and how they converge on a point: the center of the dagaz rune.

Coronavirus quarantine has created more together time for families. The daily grind has become redefined. No school, no sports, no friends, little real connection outside the home, unless you count walking the dog past people you are supposed to stay 6 feet away from and hurry past. This abrupt change, though, has created time and space.

We have been given this murky gray situation, like the dawn, where we can't really see what's around the corner. Gray areas can cause stress, and fear of the unknown is familiar to many people. We can hypothesize; everyone says the world will never be the same, or we can focus on the present and take time to achieve things that may not have been possible otherwise.

People have been given more time to reflect. Some people are facing the dark night of the soul, while others are coming out the other side of it and taking steps toward positive growth. For me, it kind of depends on the day. Today, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the dogs are fed, nobody is barking or fighting, and, well, 2/3 of my teenagers are still in bed, so that does decrease the potential for energetic conflict.

The challenge of quarantine for some is coordinating so many people in a small space. We used to separate and then come back together. When we needed space we could take it. Now, space seems nearly impossible to find. Solving arguments is getting harder. However, understanding personal dynamics and personal beliefs and how those can make conflict sometimes verbally unresolvable has been one of the challenges for our family. Without all of this time together in the house, we might not ever have truly had enough time to address it.

Dagaz- holding two opposite beliefs, and yet staying calm.. being okay with the murkiness: working on staying present in the moment, to hold the brightness of things, and not fearing the worrisome thoughts, but letting them come, and then letting them go...

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Leslie Johnsen Quintus
Leslie Johnsen Quintus

3 adults, 5 cats, and one tiny bathroom in a -1000 sq. feet house=? Whatever it is, it requires patience and the ability to quickly get past hurt feelings.

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