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Kenaz and the Centipede

Many (many) steps on the path of the spiritual teacher

Kenaz, the Norse rune stone linked with creativity, teaching, and illumination, partners well with the confident and clever energy of centipede... especially for the recovering perfectionist.
I use kenaz daily: parenting, teaching, studying, drawing... doing things in a creative nonlinear way. I'm very comfortable with parenting, studying, and creative pursuits. Teaching, however, is more emotionally complicated for me. I have the tendency to phenomenally (almost destructively) overprepare. I'm planning a course on runes, but I might inadvertently write a book in the process. I understand that this need to overprepare stems from perfectionistic tendencies, but that doesn't really help me. Interestingly, centipede has arrived to help.
I've been drawing centipede lately...for no apparent reason. (Kind of a strange thing to draw, to be honest. Lots of legs.) So I looked into my favorite book on animal wisdom (Morrison's The Shaman's Guide to Power Animals) to find an explanation.
According to Morrison, centipede connects us with our solar plexus, the sunshine, and the earth. He helps us walk in balance and harmony, let go of self doubt, and supports us when we strive for excellence. (He will help me combat that desire to perfectionistically overprepare!)
As if that wasn't enough, this little guy is also connected to quick wit. I am ever a fan of the snappy retort and humor is my favorite coping mechanism. I just learned that centipedes don't necessarily have 100 legs. They could have 30 or 300. REALLY?!? That is super funny... and yet, I need a minute to process that one more thing I held to be true now isn't.
I might start drawing centipedes everywhere. Time will tell. In fact, this little beast is now on my list of favorite animals. I have to admit I didn't see this one coming. I'm not against crawlers, but I'm more of an... (insert almost any other animal here) person.
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I wish I read this at the time you wrote it because there was a centipede moving across our ceiling around that time. I admit to be a little squeamish, so maybe if I had read this then, I would have been a bit more appreciative of its visit.

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